General Membership Meeting
Date – 1 April 2009

1. Call meeting to order at 7:-30 pm by President, Lynn Pillsbury. Present: Keith Moir, Greg Gueldensopf, Mike Smith, Art Troy, Tom Marsh, Rich Dixon, Joe Bryant, Tom Dombroski, Lynn Pillsbury, Eugene Kindell, and Tom Majewski Absent: Keith Wojhan

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Financial report - presented by Keith Moir – Brad Sagessar not present.

Keith Moir – gave report on request by Sprinkler Lake Education Center – club will sponsor one child to the camp - $155.00.

Report on Waste Management bill - $78.03 for 2X a month pick up at Tawas range. Wurtsmith pick up needs to be activated.

Have $447.00 credit at Morning Star Publishing, will use it for Sight in Days.

No new members to report.

Club placed add in program for Camp Perry competition Jorge Osorio presented check to club for our share – the amount was $370.00 – of the Concealed Carry Class. For those interested, they can call (989) 846-6256, will be another class on 11 Apr 09.

4. Minutes from last month were approved with correction of Article VIII, Section C – should say “both ranges” not just Wurtsmith.

5. Old Business: Items from last month’s meeting, etc.

a. On the TDI School to be held (hopefully) in May – non-members at class will pay $5.00 per day per gun. There were thoughts that the club is getting treated a bit “light”. Further: We should, in the future, establish policy concerning the use of outside “venders” holding class and earning money by using our club. From this point forward, any future classes will be held only with the club getting a percentage of the gross.

b. Well issue – the land under the Wurtsmith range is no longer contaminated. We can now have a water well at the range once we jump thru the necessary hoops. Mr Paul Rakowski will help us get thru these hoops. Mike Smith will be working with him.

c. TPS Color (Jon Klatt) – will be printing 50,000 place mats with the club’s calendar on them. These placemats will be in several restaurants throughout the area.

d. Report on building “U” shaped or “L” shaped shooting bench – to accommodate the handicapped shooters. Also need handicap accessible toilets. Would like three (3) benches at (25, 50, and 100 yard) ranges at Tawas to be handicapped accessible. Suggestion also to have at least one (1) handicap accessible bench at each range at Wurtsmith. If the “L” style is used, will need a right and left handed “L”. Motion made and approved to build one prototype. Also need to put up handicap signs in parking lot.

e. Trijicon Sight Company – sent email request to be allowed to use our range to validate 300,000 scopes for military rifles. Suggested we need to know dates/times they want to use the range, as well as which and how many ranges they would need. Suggested we might ask them to sponsor some of our matches or perhaps some of our capital projects. Universal agreement of board to let them know we’re interested.

f. Mailing/Printing costs of Newsletter- we did not get the printer we had previously discussed. Lynn got Print n Go to print 260 copies for $67.00. Mike knows of individual (club member) who has a printer (black only) that’s willing to donate – we will take it. Barbara Ann needs $97.00 to do the membership mailing.

g. Letter from Jodi Spencer was read. She wrote of her concerns as to the possible requirement of our club to have all members also belong to NRA. Much discussion on her thoughts took place. The NRA is the only STRONG VOICE we, as gun owners/shooters, have to fight for our Second Amendment Right. We, as a club, especially in these times, should support the NRA. The NRA is offering shooting clubs and others to serve as recruiters and is offering a $25.00 membership thru this program and the club, as the recruiter, would get $10,00 of the $25.00 back as incentive. It’s been suggested that the club pick up the cost of membership for those members that are not yet NRA members. This would be a onetime offer. Further discussion – the club should offer the member a discounted NRA membership but the member should pay the $25.00. This item was tabled for now.

h. Dale Burtch presented a proposition to build a sidewalk at Tawas Club from fence to shooting line of second trap. Bed is about $1,550.00. Suggested to get bid on renting power wheel borrow to facilitate cement moving. This also will be tabled for now.

i. Rich Dixon requested $400.00 to do range improvement on 300 yard range – patio pavers and fix up targets. Motion made and second, passed.

j. Gregg Gueldenzopf talked about “going out of lumber business” at Ace Hardware in Oscoda – opportunity for club to get a really good deal. Owner will have sale on April 18th. Will let club in prior to date.

k. Lynn Pillsbury requested portable PA System to announce commands at range - $300.00. Motion passed. Renters paid $1,800 to help catch up their arrears.

l. Tom Majewski – suggested having special restrictions on anyone shooting on 300 yard range (i.e., members only and/or proven qualifying on 100 yard course in presence of Range Officer and/or added premium money to shoot at 300 yard range). This range could then be used as perk. Sponsored events would be exempt. Discussion: There were dissenting thoughts. Eventually decided to charge non-members a premium to shoot. Tabled for general membership meeting.

m. Tom Marsh – suggested we buy tractor. He knows of a couple available for around $3,500.00. Discussion – best to get tractor with front end loader. Need to get parking lot maintained.

n. Art Troy – Target frames need target backing material. Articles for newsletter. Open charge account at AuSable Hardware for picking up small supplies.

o. Mike Smith – picked up phone for club, cost $100.00. Good for 400+ days has 1,000 minutes on it. Discussed Brad Sagessor proposition to have club pay for training of RSO provided the RSO works at least two (2) events a year. Mike stated there are five people who became RSOs last year. Brad suggested then the club pay $25.00 to the previously trained RSO for each event they work. This second motion passed.

6. Meeting adjournment at 9:17 pm.

Meeting minutes submitted by Tom Dombroski, acting secretary.

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