(989) 646-8100 (East Tawas Range) | (989) 820-1804 (Wurtsmith Range) contact@ioscosportsmen.com


The Tawas and Oscoda ranges have 25, 50 and 100 yard distances with covered shooting positions and benches. The Oscoda Range offers various covered pistol shooting bays as well as 25, 50, 100, 300 and 600 yard rifle ranges. The 300 yard range is available to members and their guests when accompanied by a member. The 600 yard is available only when scheduled for practice and matches. All ranges are open to members as well as non-members for all scheduled shooting events.




Both the Tawas and Oscoda ranges offer informal shooting at various distances with covered shooting positions. In addition, on Wednesday evenings at Wurtsmith, a group shoots an IDPA defensive style practice. During the summer there are NRA style Bullseye pistol matches at Tawas. The Steel Plate Shoot is currently scheduled for the second Saturday of the month during the summer.

CPL (Concealed Pistol License) Training is available at the Club and is offered by Bob Mills. You can contact him at 989-724-8307 for information and to register. Check the Club Calendar for available class dates. Check the club schedule for days and times.




All shotgun activities take place on the Wurtsmith range in Oscoda. We feature Trap, Skeet and 5-Stand. A league is run in the summer to members as well as non-members. The league rotates a schedule of Trap, Skeet and 5-Stand. 5-Stand is open on Saturdays from 9am till 3pm, Skeet is shot on Thursday evenings during the summer. Trap is scheduled for Sundays beginning at Noon and 5-Stand is shot Saturdays at 9am.




The archery range is located at Wurtsmith and features a raised platform for shooting at 3D targets and we also have flat line shooting into bales. Click the Facebook Icon to Follow the Iosco Sportsmen’s Club Archery Range.


General Outdoor Range Rules


What’s New at the Club?


Sight in Days for the rifle deer season. Come and make sure you don’t miss your buck. 9am to 5pm, Tawas and Oscoda Ranges. Cost is $7.00 per gun.

CPL Schedule

The 2024 CPL Schedule is: Jan 13, Feb 24, Mar 23 (rescheduled), Apr 27, May 18, Jul 13, Aug 17, Sept 28 (rescheduled) and Oct 26. For information and to register contact Bob Mills at 989-724-8307.

Club Officers

President: Jim Miller (586)876-1323 Vice President: John Williams (989)
Treasurer: Cary Lichtman (248) 845-8101 Range Officer: Tom Majewski (989) 305-1516
Recording Sect: Jeff Mather (989) 218-1455 Program Chair: Vacant
Directors: Jerry Dauterman, Vacant, Rich Laform, Mike Budnick, Mark Spencer, Dave Anderson


All scheduled events at the club are subject to available club members who volunteer to operate them. This is especially critical for shotgun shooting. There are phone numbers and contact people listed on the web site. Please call ahead to ensure that the activity will occur. It is important to check the schedule as new events may be added periodically.

Board Meeting

The Board of directors meet on the first Wednesday of the Month @7pm at the Tawas Clubhouse.
General membership Meetings are on the First Wednesday of March, June, September and December at 7pm