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Iosco Sportsmen’s Club Wurtsmith Range Founders Club has been created to raise cash donations to allow the club to improve and open former small arms firing range near the former Wurtsmith Air Force Base. All donated monies will be used for the remodeling and improvement of the existing range and buildings and development of new the range facilities. Proposed ranges may include 100 yard, 300 yard rifle ranges and several separate 25-50 yard small bore and pistol ranges.

Levels of participation:
Gold $250 2 year club membership 15 daily range passes-4″x6″ plaque
Platinum $500 5 year club membership 25 daily range passes-8″x11″ plaque
OR 5 one year memberships No range passes 3’x6’ sign
OR No membership 50 daily range passes 8″x11″ plaque
Double Platinum $1,000+ No membership 50 daily range passes 3’x6’ sign

Plaques will be displayed inside of range and (plaque or certificate for framing) will be given to donor. Large signs will be prominently displayed outside the range. Range passes do not expire and are for “one gun” at either range (Oscoda or Tawas), but may not be used for the November 1-14th “Sight in Days.” Donor may specify where his or her donation is to be used, general range development or a specific area of the new range. Club memberships run from June 1- May 31. CONTACTS: Dave Wright (739-3787) or Randy McKinney (739-5937).

Name _________________________________________________ Membership Level
Gold $250
Phone Number _____________________________________ Platinum $500
Double Platinum $1000+

Your donation will be used for general range development unless specified otherwise.

Specific instructions: ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Founders Club Contributions can be mailed to:
Iosco Sportsmen’s Club
P.O. Box 47
East Tawas, MI 48730